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Donor Families

LifeNet Health established a Donor Family Services program in 1990 as a critical part of its mission.  Our goal is to provide support services to grieving donor families to help them on their journey to healing.

LifeNet Health is in a privileged position to help grieving families. Families often find meaning in the midst of tragedy when a loved one's organs and tissues are used to save or enhance the lives of others. In addition, LifeNet Health serves a unique role in honoring the lives of loved ones long after friends, and even family, have forgotten.


"You people have continued to let me know you are still thinking of me after others never call again.
Thank you for your kindness." - Sharon

"The support and information seem to come at just the right times and we would like to thank LifeNet Health
for all the support and caring." - Charmaine

"Thank you for the follow-up and compassion. You have given me a gift every time my son's name
is mentioned. LifeNet Health is a great organization." - Dean 


If you are a organ and/or tissue donor family member you may wish to visit http://www.healingthespirit.org/, our website where bereaved family members will find numerous grief support resources.

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