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Departments within LifeNet Health 

Clinical Services

LifeNet Health’s Clinical Services department is comprised of Transplant Coordinators who manage the organ donation process, Family Support Coordinators who offer consultation to families regarding the option for donation and Surgical Specialists who assist with organ recovery.  Lisa Stanzione is the Director of Clinical Services.

Hospital Services

The role of Hospital Services is to develop and maintain strong working relationships with all hospitals within our donation service area.  Each member of the department works diligently to maintain tailored relationships that focus on maximizing donation and educating hospital staff and personnel on the importance and process of organ donation.  Andrew Mullins is the Director of Hospital Services.

Donor Family Services

Aftercare support services and programs are offered to donor families to assist them during their bereavement period.  Communication through letters, special cards, CareNotes and program invitations continue for 18 months after donation.  An advisory committee comprised of donor families contributes input into the planning of many of the programs.  Click here to learn more about LifeNet Health's Donor Family Services Department.  Robin Cowherd is the Director of Donor Family Services.

Community Education

LifeNet Health's Community Education department works to educate the public on the importance of registering as an organ, eye and tissue donor.  To learn more, click hereAndrew Mullins is the Director for Community Education.


The OPO has many staff that support it's business operations and quality systems.  This department is overseen by Tim Jankiewicz, VP Transplant Services & OPO Executive Director and David Marshman, Director of OPO Quality Systems.

Donor Center

LifeNet Health's Donor Center is responsible for handling all incoming referrals from every hospital in our donation service area.  The donor center handles the initial screening of a patient for potential organ, tissue and/or eye donation.  The donor center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Tissue Recovery

Recovery specialists are strategically placed throughout Virginia, allowing for rapid deployment on recovery cases to best serve our donors and hospitals.  The tissue recovery department is also responsible to serve as surgical technicians on organ recovery cases as well as monitor and maintain all recovered kidneys while on the kidney pump.  Gary Walters is the Director for LifeNet Health's tissue recovery department.

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